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HAREHULE is a small manufacture located in Poland. We create flower pots by hand from the beginning to the very end. We grind the concrete and give the final shape of the pot. We grind to reveal the stone and give the pleasant touch.

The shape of the pot must be in harmony with the plant. Our thoughts are always busy contemplating the shape. The current shape is the result of many sketches and pencil drawings on paper, on cardboard or on the wall. Our friend Artist whom we cooperate is working on the model and the raw product is made using the traditional casting method in our studio. The material from which we make our pots is traditional, heavy, strong concrete. We add sand and natural stone. Each pot is a result of many tests of the material and the selection of the right proportions of ingredients. Our material is durable and tested outdoors, also in winter. 

We dye the mass of concrete. This gives us the certainty of colour durability. This stage is the most creative and exciting. We seek for the right component that, when combined with concrete and selected stone will create the wright colour and hard and durable material. The colour and colour shades of each pot is a result of several test and addition of only natural ingredients. We are strongly convinced that only such colours are unique and most intresting.

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